Wardrobe Journaling

If you want to work out who you are

what you are thinking

and who you could be

then get journaling


Welcome to Wardrobe Journaling where we help you:

Develop your own journaling practice;
learn to value your thoughts;
trust yourself;
and create a life of meaning and beauty

Use the relaxing but powerful processes of journaling to unlock thoughts about yourself that you didn’t realise you were thinking.

Take those thoughts and follow the process in our signature course to understand who you are, what you want and how to express it through your personal style

How to get started

Wardrobe Journaling covers journaling topics on: health and wellness, mental health, diet, fitness, prayer, ADHD, anxiety, discipline, confidence and much more. In fact anything that will help you overcome roadblocks in your life and help you to love yourself more.

We also produce blog posts and a course on wardrobe journaling. Wardrobe journaling is a process of journaling about yourself and your relationship with your clothes. It takes you through a journey of exploration and helps you to better understand yourself and your relationship to your personal style. Through this process you can change your personal style and decide to become a new version of yourself.

A sample selection of our blog posts:

Wardrobe Journaling posts

Wellness Journaling posts


JOURNALING is the both process and the act of creation. As you journal you create.

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