About Us


About Us


Our story starts way back, when I used to create piles and piles of paper…

I’ve always been compelled to write. I write on anything, scraps of paper, A4 pads of paper, in journals, backs of envelopes. Anything.

I always used to feel much better after writing, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I didn’t know that journaling was ‘a thing’.

I didn’t know that that fact that you feel much better when you’ve got something out on paper is scientifically proven.

Fast forward many years and I discover this link between journaling and looking better and developing your individual style which is how Wardrobe Journaling began.

And then this website.

And who know what will begin next… 🙂

We create blog posts that help you to journal

We are all about health, wellness, looking great and living your best life

We are totally for women’s literacy and education

We think journaling is awesome and want to encourage everyone to keep a journal

We want this to be a place where you come and restore and refresh

Wardrobe Journaling began as a website to create the wardrobe journaling course but has since grown to encompass general journaling practices. We think journaling is amazing and hope you will too after spending time on this site.

We are based at: 20 Park Road, Egham, Surrey, that’s the UK. Our landline is +44 1784 147477

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I have O levels, A levels and 2 degrees.

But my major achievements are 2 boys and persisting until I saw breakthrough.


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