3 hidden benefits of journaling for self care

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The hidden benefits of journaling for self care

Journaling for self care will help you reveal your thoughts, stop hiding from yourself, identify unconscious beliefs that stop you from dressing better than you do, and challenge your brain’s acceptance of your life status quo.

If you are not looking your best every day and hiding from yourself, if you know you could look and feel much better than you do, but feel stuck, or overwhelmed, I really recommend you develop a journaling practice and learn the benefits of journaling for self care.

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Specifically I recommend wardrobe journaling, a journaling practice which focuses on your clothes: what you wear, what you think about what you wear; what you might like to change.

Rather than rushing into buying clothes you don’t need or want in an effort to stop feeling like you do I recommend that you stop.

Stop, sit down, get yourself a drink a notebook and a pen.

And start to write.

Wardrobe journaling and self care

I created wardrobe journaling as a guide to journal using our clothes and what we feel about our clothes as the focus for our thoughts. You can get started today by going over to the Wardrobe Journaling page and downloading the free worksheets.

Getting in touch with your thoughts about yourself and your emotions around the clothes you wear will produce lasting change in your life.

Buying new clothes without taking the time to work out what you are thinking will not stop your thoughts. It will give you a temporary high when you buy the items (and we all love that!) and it will make you feel better to wear a new garment.

But after that you are back to thinking the same thoughts about yourself.

Identifying our thoughts: one of the main benefits of journaling for self care

This is where wardrobe journaling is so clever. It’s such a gentle process, but the process itself is a powerful enquiry into our thoughts: what we think and how we think. This is how we can address those negatives scripts and unhelpful patterns of dressing, what we wear, self care etc.

Using the journaling techniques on myself I realised this:

Journaling is learning to listen to yourself

The surprising benefits of journaling for self care

Wardrobe Journaling takes this idea of learning to listen to yourself and uses a framework, specifically related to our clothing, to engage in a method of enquiry that leads us to our true thoughts. It’s a way of getting under our top level thoughts, and examining those underlying thoughts that constantly run like scripts in our minds.

The pages that I produced on Wardrobe Journaling became really popular and so out of that popularity I created the Wardrobe Journaling course which is a 6 step process to uncovering your thoughts about yourself and your self image, helping you to change your personal style. We use journaling practices that help you identify what you would really like to be wearing as well as what you really don’t want to be wearing but might be tolerating in your life. It’s a beautiful course and the journaling helps you learn to listen to yourself. In fact one of the major benefits of journaling for self care is how you learn to listen to yourself.

The 3 benefits of wardrobe journaling in your life

If you need any persuading of the benefits of journaling for self care in your own life then read on as I share 3 ways in which journaling will really improve the quality of your life.

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Benefits of journaling for self care 1:

It will stop you from hiding from yourself

I think the number one way we hide from ourself is by wearing clothes that we don’t like, don’t suit us, don’t make us feel amazing and that do not, in any way, reflect who we really are. Life circumstances do get in the way. Wardrobe journaling will bring you back to that place of who you really are and who you want to be and how you can be that woman today. Wardrobe journaling will ‘reset’ you.

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Benefits of journaling for self care 2:

It will help you dress better

Wardrobe journaling is a great option for you if you would like to wear different clothes, or would like to look like the best version of yourself but think that you don’t ever quite look like how you want to look. It will help you identify thoughts about yourself that you didn’t realise you were thinking but that might be keeping you from looking like you want to look.

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Benefits of journaling for self care 3:

It will challenge your beliefs about yourself

It’s ok, this one is not about enciting a revolution, although it might have revolutionary consequences for you! If you read the list at the top of the page and identified with those phrases, then you are probably accepting a status quo in your brain. And chances are that this status quo does not suit you at all. It just keeps the peace in your brain. It keeps you functioning each day in clothes that you don’t like and that make you feel that you are a functioning human being, but not a woman who is expressing the fullness of herself in any way at all.

So if you are ready to explore your thoughts, to work out what you are thinking about your self image, to stop thinking thoughts which don’t serve you and create new, positive thoughts about yourself, then head over to the wardrobe journaling page. And then come and join us for the Wardrobe Journaling course.

You can read more about Wardrobe Journaling and the process here: Wardrobe Journaling.

The link to the course is on the Wardrobe Journaling page, or you can link to it directly here: Wardrobe Journaling Course.

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