Release your inner creativity with creative journal ideas

4 Creative journal ideas

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There are so many different ways to journal. You can keep a very factual journal, you can keep a routine driven journal, writing at the same time and on the same subject each day. And then you can create a creative journal. Creative journals come in all different varieties and below we will explore a few options. As the name implies the idea is to be creative so the fewer rules around what that creativity is, the better.

If you want to release your inner creativity and see it develop in new and exciting ways then keeping a creative  journal may be just what you need.

Alternatively you might be a very creative person, but your 9-5 job doesn’t satisfy that creative yearning within you. In which case, creating a creative journal may be just what you need to feed your inner creative goddess (or god).

Or you may be on holiday and want to try something new.

Also take into consideration what creative means to you. What kind of creativity appeals to you? Either that you would like to do or that you currently practice. This is how you can start your exploration of a creativity journal, by journaling about what kinds of creativity appeal to you.

How to start a creative journal

It is useful to have a starting point for creating your creative journal

Whatever the reason, or none at all, here are a few creative journal ideas to inspire you into taking action.

Story journal

Dream journal

Mind map journal

Book/music journal

Colouring journal

Photo journal

Bullet journal

Tracking journal

Art journal

Video journal

Nature journal

Vision board journal – create the images, write the copy

Creative ways of making your journal more interesting

Create collages

Add custom hand lettering to the page

Write out quotes

Decorate your pages (eg with washi tape and scraps of paper)

Pockets and tags

Magazines cut outs

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