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How to use your mind to create your life: journaling for clothes you’d love to wear

Do you ever think you’d like to dress better than you do but you don’t know how?

Do you have a limited wardrobe and feel dissatisfied because you don’t have many clothes that you want to wear but need to wear them because you have so few?

Do you feel constrained by your body shape or size?

Do you feel out of touch with fashion trends and that your clothes are a bit dated but don’t know what to do about it?

Or do you feel that you just don’t know how to dress better and don’t know where to start?

Or is there another reason?

If this is you, then don’t despair!

There are many ways out of this situation and this blog addresses just one of them which is journaling for clothes you’d love to wear.

Yes, that’s right. Journaling, as in writing. In order to look better, amazing even.

If you have read any of my other posts like this one, ‘I don’t have a thing to wear’, or this one ‘Why is everyone else so well dressed?’ then you will know about the power of journaling to transform what you wear and how you feel about yourself. If you haven’t well welcome to this new world!

There is a strong connection between the brain and the hand. Something happens between them that is an instant connection. It doesn’t have to be writing, it could be painting or any form of creativity that involves picking up a tool. It also could be playing a musical instrument or even gardening.

When you are using your hands your brain opens up and a dialogue can happen that might not have occurred if you were just sitting there and thinking about something.

It’s this dialogue that we access in Wardrobe Journaling. And it’s this dialogue that we are going to access here as we discuss journaling for clothes you’d love to wear.

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Journaling for clothes you’d love to wear

You want to change but you don’t know how

I’ve heard it so many times and I see it so often, women want to change, they want to wear something different, look different, be different.

They get stuck on the what and the how. They get stuck on what they want or need to change. And they also get stuck on the how to change part.

You may be the same. You look in magazines and online for inspiration and all it seems to do is widen the chasm between you and how you’d like to look and show up in this world.

Journaling for clothes you’d love to wear – Ask questions

Wardrobe Journaling teaches you to ask questions. And when you ask yourself questions, you can give yourself answers. And when you give yourself answers you start to understand yourself so much better.

And then, when you understand yourself so much better, you are in a great position to be able to decide who you want to be and how you want to look.

In the Wardrobe Journaling course we teach you the process to find images of clothes that you love and then ask yourself questions around those images that help you to uncover thoughts that will help you to understand yourself better.

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Journaling for clothes you’d love to wear – Get interested in yourself

Are you interested in yourself?

The thoughts that go round in your head each day, are they thoughts that express interest and encouragement in you and what you are doing?

Or, are they thoughts that are self-condemning, self-obsessing and critical?

Or are you just thinking about what you’re going to watch on Netflix or eat for supper?

Learn to be interested in yourself, in who you are, in what motivates and interests you.

When you are interested in yourself you become much more interested in what you wear and how you look. Not from an egotistical, narcissistic aspect. No, you become much more interested in how you look because you want to turn up as the best version of yourself. You want to be prepared for the day. You want to be prepared to dance through your life and enjoy every last drop.

Ballet dancers don’t turn up in rehearsal gear on the night they dance Swan Lake at the Met.

Heads of State don’t turn up in jeans to an important meeting.

CEOs don’t turn up in gardening gear to meet their team.

Don’t turn up in your practice gear to live your real life.

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Journaling for clothes you’d love to wear – Forward thinking

In Wardrobe Journaling we do a very simple but very powerful exercise called, ‘Find a picture you like’. In this exercise you tear out the picture from a magazine, photograph it from a book, or download and print from the internet.

Forward thinking is this:

If you pictured yourself in the near future as this woman how would your life be different?

What would you be doing differently?
How would you be living differently?
What would you day to day life be like?
What would your work day be like?

Picture yourself as that woman in the picture in the near future, say next year.

Now, bring it closer. Picture yourself as that woman.

What would you do today that is different to how you are living your life to now?

You bring your future forward. First you look out, and cast the net to the near future. And then you bring the net in right close.

To today.

This is how, by journaling for clothes you’d love to wear, you use your mind to create your life. Not in your practice clothes, not as a rehearsal, but in multi-coloured reality, the reality of life, with you living it as the fullest expression of you.

I’d love you to find out more about how Wardrobe Journaling can be your best asset when it comes to creating your unique style.

For more information on Wardrobe Journaling check out the Wardrobe Journaling page here.

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