How to journal for: Can I wear two outfits for one month?

Is it possible that having a smaller outfit choice, from which to make your daily clothes selection, improve your life in any way?

For example, will having a smaller pool of clothes from which to make a choice, make your life more straightforward?

And would your life improve in any way if you were to wear just two outfits for the period of one month?

Loving what you wear on a daily basis

This blog post is inspired by an exercise in the Wardrobe Journaling course titled, “How do I feel about my clothes today?”

In the exercise one of the actions we ask you to take is to think about what you are wearing and whether you really enjoy wearing it.

We then ask you, ‘If you could only choose to wear two outfits for one month, would this be one of them?’

Think about it for a moment. Two outfits for one month.

We’ve all seen the blog posts, “I wore just one outfit for a month and this is what I discovered” or, “Here’s what I learned wearing the same outfit everyday for a year.”

But these posts have a greater ring of endurance through gritted teeth than they do of clothing freedom and female empowerment.

What you wear each day should empower you, not be an endurance test to overcome in order to prove we are worthy of living.

There is a simplicity to wearing fewer clothes, having fewer clothes in your wardrobe. It clears the mind.

But don’t simplify your clothing choice in order to restrict yourself in a way that chastises you or puts you in a negative brain environment where you are mentally beating yourself up.

Wear two outfits: silver rail with 4 black coat hangers and clothes hanging off the hangers

The idea behind wearing two outfits is not to restrict you but to empower you

The idea of asking you to wear two outfits for a month is not to restrict you.

It’s to get you to think deeper about what you are wearing each day.

It’s to get you in touch with you.

Wear two outfits and get in touch with you

Getting in touch with you is one of the best acts of kindness you can give yourself. Being in touch with yourself, your inner self and inner world is a form of honesty. And being honest with yourself in a kind, supportive way has huge benefits. For example it can lead to:

Greater self-awareness

Honesty is the first step towards self-awareness. When you are honest with yourself, you acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes, and your limitations. This self-awareness can help you make better decisions and improve your relationships with others. And of course it can improve your relationship with your clothes. Self-awareness around your clothes can show you what clothes you are wearing on auto-pilot, what clothes you really love and what clothes you would be happy to never wear again.

Personal Growth

Being honest with yourself enables you to identify areas where you need to grow and improve as well as areas where you have grown and improved. Without honesty, you may not realize your true potential, and you may continue to repeat negative patterns or behaviours. Personal growth also applies to the clothes you choose to wear each day. Are they reflecting who you are or are they reflecting who you were ten years ago. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and sometimes it’s hard to develop a new style. But being aware of that personal growth can help you to be able to take a style step into a new, reinvigorated version of yourself.

Mental Health

Honesty can help you identify negative thought patterns or beliefs that may be affecting your mental health. Being honest with yourself can help you address these issues and take steps to improve your emotional wellbeing.


Honesty allows you to be true to yourself and your values. Living an authentic life can bring you greater happiness and fulfilment.


Honesty is the foundation of trust. If you are honest with yourself, you are more likely to be honest with others. This can help you build strong, healthy relationships with people who trust and respect you.

So, you see, it’s really important that you know what you like to wear, and what in your wardrobe/closet you enjoy wearing because this is one way that you get in touch with yourself.

So, back to the idea to pick out two outfits to wear.

What would you choose?

wear two outfits. simple silver rail with coat hangers and clothes hanging off them. plain background.

Identifying what clothes you love

The idea of wearing two outfits in a month is to identify what clothes you love, regardless of their practicality or impracticality and then to ask yourself why you love them. Answering that question will help you understand what you love about clothes and what suits your personality. This should be able to direct you to find more clothes to wear that suit you.

If you think that you don’t have anything to wear, or that you don’t like any of the clothes in your wardrobe/closet, or you feel uncomfortable in the clothes that you wear but aren’t really sure why, then this exercise is particularly good for you.

It is also a great exercise to just understand yourself and your personality better. It will also help you to dress better and dress more in keeping with who you really are.

How you feel about your clothes is just as important as what you wear

Clothing is not only a basic need to cover and protect our bodies, but it also serves as a means of self-expression, communication, and identity. What you wear can influence how you feel about yourself (and how others perceive you). When you feel confident and comfortable in your clothing, it can enhance your overall mood and positively impact your self-esteem.

On the other hand, if you are wearing something that doesn’t align with your personal style, comfort level, or sense of identity, it can make you feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, or even embarrassed. This can have a negative impact on your mood and self-esteem.

Therefore, it is important to consider how you feel about your clothing choices in addition to what they wear. When you feel good about what you wear you are biaised towards a positive self-image and a sense of confidence, which can have a positive impact on your life.

Choosing to wear two outfits: which would you choose and why?

As you’re reading think of the two outfits you would choose and ask yourself why you would choose those outfits? Don’t think in terms of practicality, only in terms of outfits you like that you would like to, or could, wear for a month.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you have chosen your outfits

How do I feel when I am wearing these outfits?

How do these clothes make you feel? Empowered? Sexy? Gentle? Soft? Purposeful? Ambitious? Go-getting? Intriguing?
There is no wrong or right answer. The only correct way to answer these questions is to be honest. Being honest with yourself is crucial for personal growth, self-awareness, mental health, authenticity, and building trust with others. It may be difficult at times, but it is ultimately worth it in the long run.

When did I first wear these clothes?

Where did I buy them? What memories do they bring back? What was I doing in my life that I enjoyed?

Are these clothes I could wear every day?

What aspect of these clothes do I like that I could wear every day?

nb you don’t have to choose practical clothes. You could choose an impractical silk chiffon bias cut slip dress . An aspect of that item that you could take into other clothes to wear every day is that it is lightweight and airy.

If you need some prompts try these:

Did you like the fabric, the style, the length, the fact that it has or hasn’t got sleeves, how does it fit you?

shabby chic white rail with wooden coat hangers. Clothes in brown, cream and white colour palette hanging on hangers. Accompanies the blog post on wear two outfits

Choosing clothes to wear that make you feel good

The idea behind choosing only two outfits to wear in one month is that you would want to choose outfits that you enjoyed wearing.

Now that’s empowering.

So go ahead and choose two outfits now. Take your time. look over your clothes and choose those items which you really love.

Here are a few journal prompts that might be helpful to help you delve a bit further:

Journal prompts for your two outfit choices

  1. What drew you to these outfits in the first place? Was it the color, the style, the fabric, or something else?
  2. How do these outfits make you feel when you wear them? Do you feel confident, comfortable, stylish, or something else?
  3. What occasions do you typically wear these outfits for? Are they for work, social events, or casual outings?
  4. How do you typically accessorize these outfits? Do you have a go-to pair of shoes, jewelry, or a bag that you like to wear with them?
  5. Are there any memories or experiences associated with these outfits? Have you worn them on special occasions or while traveling, for example?
  6. What do these outfits say about your personal style? Do they reflect a certain aesthetic or vibe that you like?
  7. How versatile are these outfits? Can you wear them in different ways or for different occasions, or are they more specific to certain settings?
  8. Finally, what do these outfits mean to you? Do they have sentimental value, or do they simply make you feel good when you wear them?

Insights and conclusions

After working through these prompts, you may have gained some insights into why you love these outfits and what they mean to you. Here are some suggestions to help you draw some conclusions:

  1. Reflect on you answers to the prompts and identify any common themes or patterns that emerge. For example, you may find that you are drawn to certain colours or styles, or that you value comfort and practicality in your clothing choices.
  2. Think about how your love for these outfits reflects your personality, values, or goals. For example, you may realize that you prefer classic and timeless styles because you value simplicity and durability, or that you choose bold and colourful outfits to express your creativity and individuality.
  3. Connect the insights you have gained from these prompts to other areas of your life. For example, you may find that the qualities you love about your favourite outfits are also present in your relationships, hobbies, or work.
  4. Use your insights to inform future clothing choices. For example, you may decide to invest in more outfits that reflect your personal style and values, or to experiment with new colours and styles that align with your current goals and aspirations.

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Finally, let me tell you a little bit about Wardrobe Journaling. It is the process I have created that helps you understand yourself better through journaling and through thinking about the clothes you wear and your own unique personality. There are lots of Wardrobe Journaling blog posts available on this site. There is also the entirely unique Wardrobe Journaling course. If you want to take a step further into your own self development and self care this is a great, gentle but powerful course to take.

Have a great day!


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